The Oldham Education Partnership (OEP) has been tasked with working alongside partners to implement the Oldham Education Skills Commission report

The OESC report sets out a vision for Oldham to create a ‘Self-improving education system’ where schools, colleges and all interested parties work together in a new collaborative partnership.

The new Board of the Oldham Education Partnership discussed the best way to ensure the Oldham Education and Skills Commission report is successfully implemented over the four years of the programme to ensure the best outcomes for Oldham.

The Board agreed that keeping the 19 recommendations as separate areas does not give the most successful way of implementing the report and that the most useful approach would be to cluster the recommendations into key priority areas that can then be addressed over the next four years.

To ensure that the children and young people of Oldham are School Ready, Work Ready and Life Ready the following mission statement has been agreed :-

The Oldham Offer (including the wider school curriculum) needs to be understood, in place and shared with all providers.  This curriculum must be accessible and right for all regardless of background or ability.  Action needs to be taken to actively involve communities and parents in the Oldham Curriculum.  High quality school leadership including governance must be in place within a system underpinned by a culture of collaboration and improvement.  Through this journey the children and young people of Oldham are School Ready, Work Ready and Life Ready.

The Board considered that we should start with the curriculum offer. Thus the immediate focus for the Partnership in the first year will be the Oldham Offer which the commission states:-

“Schools should follow the national curriculum but they shouldn’t be limited by it. The commission recommends the development of an enriched curriculum for Oldham schools and colleges. This would be ‘designed by Oldham, for Oldham’ and would be flexible and responsive to the needs and aspirations of the borough, its children, young people and communities. It would support people to achieve the qualifications they want and need but would embrace art music and culture, sport, citizenship and community contribution, character development, life skills and employability.”

Further details about the Partnership and the progress so far is available in the Partnership Section.