The Oldham Education Partnership (OEP) is a Partnership of all Education Providers in Oldham with the purpose of improving outcomes for all children and young people in Oldham.

Core Function

The core function is to improve education leadership and teaching in the Borough’s schools through the dissemination and sharing of best practice. Education leaders and teachers will drive improvement both within their own organisations and beyond and over time this will create a cycle of innovation and continuously renewed capacity in the local education system. An excellent understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Oldham school system  will be essential if this is to be successful.


Education providers will, of course, focus on the achievements of young people while they are in their care but in order to meet the economic and social aspirations of the town, the partnership will need to be aware of the impact and influence they have on the life-chances and wellbeing of each child once they leave formal education and are in the early years of their working life.

The focus for the  education partnership will be the continuous improvement of:

  • Outcomes for children and young people
  • A broad and high quality curriculum
  • Progression to further learning, training, Higher Education and employment
  • Transitions between learning providers
  • The quality of provision in all settings, schools and colleges
  • Leadership that will drive the self-improving system
  • Teaching, learning and assessment

The OEP will work across 5 key themes

With this in place children and young people are School Ready, Work Ready and Life Ready