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Gold Standard of Governance

A range of initiatives are taking place within Oldham to support schools to achieve a Gold Standard of Governance, along with improving the Oldham Governors website and access to information online for governors.  These have included:-

The Oldham Governor Conference

The Oldham Governor Conference in November 2016 was held at North Chadderton School. Attendance was high and feedback from governors who attended indicated that 90% felt that the overall event experience was good and excellent and that they would encourage all governors to attend future events. Governor’s feedback included:

  • “As a fairly new governor to my school, attending the conference has given me confidence to carry out the role. I enjoyed meeting other governors”
  • “Breakout sessions very good for asking questions and getting information”
  • “Angela Rayner – very inspirational, passionate and a real understanding of the core issues“
  • “Chance to speak with/network with other governors”
  • “Outstanding coverage/breadth of views from speakers”
  • “The chance to understand the plans and structures for education across Oldham”
  • “Shared views on the future of education from representatives in the field gave a wholesome insight”
  • The handouts and information the Governors Support team handed out were exceptional. 
  • “Highlighting the new Governors and the Chairs – this seemed to provoke more conversation with new Governors and hopefully they felt more welcomed by other Governors”

Full details of the conference activities and information have been made available to all governors and can be found on the following webpage:   The Oldham Governor Conference 2016

Governor Recruitment

The council’s marketing and communication plan continues to rolled out borough wide to encourage new governors.  A range of initiatives to recruit Governors with the right skills, abilities and experience are taking place.

Adverts and communications have currently been placed on

  • Greater Jobs Website
  • Voluntary Action Oldham Newsletter and website
  • Promotion through
    • Oldham Council’s Top Talent Team
    • Oldham Business Leaders Network and Newsletter
    • Oldham Council Team Brief
    • Oldham Council Manager Brief
  • Borough Life Magazine – every house in Oldham
  • Features in the Oldham Chronicle
  • Governor Newsletters
  • Flyers distributed
  • Governor recruitment banners on school websites
  • Governor recruitment resources created and loaned out for schools to use at events
  • Governor pull up display stands are displayed at events and with services across the council and beyond.
  • Website developed – www.oldham.gov.uk/BecomeASchoolGovernor

The council is also working with Inspiring Governance, an online platform to support the recruitment of Governors.

Governor vacancies and recruitment is now recommended as an agenda item for full governing body meetings.

Governor Training

Oldham Governor Training and Development Programme is currently being further developed and enhanced following feedback and workshops from Link Governors and Chairs of Governors.  The council’s governors training and development programme can be found here:  Governor Training

Governing bodies are recommended to use the NGA skills audit documentation to enable them to identify their strengths and areas where additional support and training may be needed.

Governing bodies are also nominating lead Governors as recommended in “A Competency Framework for Governors – January 2017”.  These Governors will be targeted and encouraged to attend relevant training in their lead areas and to share this with other Governors.

Governor Mark – Governance Leadership and Management

Across Oldham there are currently a number of schools working towards the Governor Mark Award and eight schools who have been successful in achieving the award:

  1. The Kingfisher Special School
  2. Greenfield St Mary’s CE Primary School
  3. North Chadderton Secondary School
  4. Buckstones Primary School
  5. St Mary’s High Crompton CE Primary School
  6. The Radclyffe School
  7. Crompton House CE Secondary School
  8. St Hugh’s CE Primary School

Governor Mark is a National Governors Association (NGA) approved quality standard for governing bodies. The award aims to celebrate good governance in schools and academies and importantly Ofsted value the award.  They recognise that governing bodies go through a rigorous assessment process where they must show evidence of school improvement, real impact on pupil outcomes, records of the governing body that clearly show governors are supporting and challenging the school and evidence of shared strategic leadership.

Governing bodies use the standards and framework as a gap analysis tool which helps them identify specific training and development for their school.

Teach Oldham Website

The Oldham Leader Workhub has developed the Teach Oldham Website aimed at recruiting High Quality Leaders and Teachers to Oldham.  It showcases the best that Oldham has to offer with sections on Investing in Oldham’s Future, Transport Links, Oldham – a great place to work, Range of Schools, OESC and Oldham’s Community.  Current teachers and leaders in Oldham are also able to use it to access the high quality professional development opportunities that are available to support them in developing their careers at all stages from trainee to Headteacher/Principal.  Schools and Academies will continue to update the information as more training and development becomes available.  http://www.teacholdham.co.uk/