• External partnerships
  • Sharing best practice

Schools in Oldham work closely together in the Oldham Schools Alliance (OSA), this work is becoming part of the Oldham Education Partnership.

The Aims of the structure ensure that all Oldham Primary Schools (and Secondary Schools as appropriate) contributed to and receive appropriate support from a structured Alliance partnership by:

  • working collaboratively in order to build trust and co-operation for improved outcomes for all children in Oldham
  • contributing to the wider system through the sharing and development of professional practice
  • developing a structure that enables a collective voice from Primary Schools, through collaboratively participating in policy formulation and implementation
  • ensuring accountability across the system by every Head and School actively participating in the revised model
  • supporting Headteachers in their role of shaping the culture of learning, enquiry, dialogue, reflection and performance in Oldham Schools
  • addressing succession planning by contributing to the development of a distributed leadership model across the borough, by placing leadership development at the heart of Oldham Schools  in developing and preparing leaders for the future.

As the system has evolved Secondary Schools have also become an integral part of this structure.

Workhubs have been established to enable collaborative working on priority areas; the Workhubs for 2016/17 were:

  • Behaviour and Attendance
  • Business & Community
  • Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Finance
  • Initial Teacher Training
  • Safeguarding & Wellbeing
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • School to School Support
  • Teaching & Learning
  • The Oldham Curriculum (developing the Oldham Pledge)
  • The Oldham Leader
  • Transition

Secondary Schools, Academies and Colleges also link through OASHP (Oldham Association of Secondary Headteachers and Principals), the OLEP Teaching and Leaning Group, SLE led middle leader groups and other local networks.