• The Oldham Parent
  • Community/Family learning
  • Extended use of schools

The Commission recognises the potential for community learning to contribute to improved parenting – both through providing classes and mentoring in parenting skills, particularly to new or inexperienced parents but also the opportunity to engage parents as learners, to inspire parents about learning and to create a family and home environment where learning is valued.


The role of parents and carers as educators cannot be overstated. There is overwhelming evidence that children achieve better outcomes if their parents and carers value education and are learners themselves.

Building on existing home-school agreements and the existing good practice demonstrated by the Oldham All Service Parental and Young Persons Engagement Values, the Commission recommends that ‘The Oldham Parent’ should expect:

  • Support, skills development and mentoring for new and soon-to-be parents including adopting and foster parents
  • Easily understood reports from early years’ providers, schools and colleges in relation to their child’s progress and development, particularly in communicating the outcomes of assessments and examinations
  • Regular communication of positive feedback, good news and successes
  • To be encouraged and supported as learners themselves:

In return, Oldham expects the Oldham parent and carer to:

  • Talk and listen to their child
  • Value all of their achievements – whether small or great
  • Ensure that their child is school ready
  • Ensure that their child is always ready to learn, strives for full attendance, and arrives on time to school and for lessons
  • Take responsibility for their child’s behaviour
  • Ensure that their child completes homework when set
  • Actively participate in school activities that provide feedback about their child’s learning
  • Informs the school if there is anything that might affect their child’s learning
  • Ask the school for help and support when needed